MasterChef: An Awful Mystery Box Challenge

The judges called today’s Mystery Box challenge the hardest in MasterChef history. The box consisted of several disgusting ingredients, including lamb’s head, veal brains, bull’s testicles, and cow’s tongue. The cheftestants had just 90 minutes to turn these awful ingredients into something delicious.

The Best
Becky – chicken liver pate on buttered toast, with sweet breads
Ryan – sweetbreads with potato and a shallot curry oil
Christine – panko fried sweetbreads with bok choy

The dish of the day belonged to Ryan, whose sweetbreads proved one step above the rest. As the winner of the Mystery Box challenge, Ryan got to pick the star ingredient of the elimination challenge. The theme of the challenge was fresh vs. convenience, with each choice in both fresh and canned versions. Ryan chose crab for the ingredient. He not only got to pick what ingredient everyone else cooked with, he got to choose who cooked with the live crabs and who got the canned crab. AND, he didn’t have to cook! Of course, being the dark horse, Ryan did not make this easy for anyone.

Canned crab went to Monti, Anna, Stacey, Felix, Josh, Frank, and Becky. Live crabs go to Tali, Helene, Christine (really, Ryan?), David, Scott, Tanya, and Mike.

The Elimination Challenge
Tali- paprika buttered crab
Josh- Thai crab trio (curry, crabcake, & salad)
Mike- crab bisque
Tanya- Thai green curry
Frank- orecchiette puttanesca
Christine- ceviche cocktail
Helene- dungeness crab soup
Monti- scotch egg with crab
(The other chefs’ dishes were not shown)

The Best
The top two dishes belonged to Josh and Christine. Both will be team captains in the next challenge. Despite the challenge being basically against her, Christine won the elimination challenge. In your face, Ryan!

The Worst
Frank, Tali, Mike, and Helene made the night’s worst dishes. Gordon Ramsey saved Frank and Mike, leaving Helene and Tali in the bottom two. So, who went home? Helene’s dish proved to be the night’s worst and she was sent packing.

Next week: a room service challenge and a shocking elimination!

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